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Congratulations to RQAW for Design Award for Nowland Avenue Bridge!

Bridge is Done!

The last piece – installing the internal railing was completed on December 5, 2022.

Opening celebration Sunday May 7 from 1-3 pm at the bridge.  Speakers, ribbon cutting, surprise fun stuff. Hope you can make it!

(The weather report looks good.  Celebration will take place in the park today.)


We’re Getting Close!

Here’s what the bridge looked like on September 17, 2022


Here’s what the bridge looked like on September 8, 2022.

Pogue’s Run Trail is Funded

Work should start in 2023 .

Time of Transition

As the campaign to fund the Nowland Avenue Bridge repair winds down, focus shifts to funding the Pogue’s Run Trail.  Our partner Reconnecting to our Waterways (ROW) continues to spearhead that effort.

Connie Szabo Schmucker from BGI (Bicycle Garage Indy) – a big trail supporter – invited POP and ROW to participate in an online program called Spotlight on Bicycling this week.  Here’s a link:

On that video, you can learn fun info about the trail, including a map ROW created that guides people to interesting places along the route.

We Did It!

POP has been awarded a 2021 federal Community Development  Block Grant that should be sufficient to pay for the repair of the bridge!  Thank you to Adam Shoemaker who worked on the grant under a tight deadline to get it done!

Next step is to begin working with City to get the repair done.

City plans to put the job out to bid this Fall 2021.  Work should be done by Fall 2022.

Will keep you posted!

Results of Gannnett Contest that Ended 10/16/20

POP raised $54,707 during the run of the contest (9/21 – 10/16) and came in fourth out of 572 contestants from around the country for total raised.
(see leaderboard at:  POP is listed under our parent organization, the 501c3 Friends of Brookside and Spades Park.)
POP was in the top four for amount raised in last weekly bonus challenge with $24,820, so we are one of the four organizations that will receive a $4000 bonus grant.
Since POP raised the minimum required ($3000), POP is eligible for winning one of 16 merit grants from Gannett that will be announced some time in December.  Amounts range from $25,000 up to $100,000.
Thanks to all who were a part of this effort!
Adding contest funds to previous funds, that brings POP’s total to over $130,000 towards the estimated $524,000 needed to repair the historic Nowland Avenue Bridge in Spades Park which will also clear the way to finish the Pogue’s Run Trail.

POP Wins INRC’s 2020 Collaborative Spirit Award

Virtual event on September 28.  Thank you to Jerry Shepherd for nominating us and to INRC for this recognition.

Fun New Video of Volunteers singing at the Bridge

Thanks to Jerry Shepherd for coming up with the idea to create a song, and Dorothy Henckel for brilliant idea of using London Bridge is Falling Down to create new lyrics.  Thanks to Tessie Lloyd-Jones, over 20 volunteers participated in singing and dancing the song at the bridge.  Thank you to our choral director Liam Bonner who kept us all on beat and on tune.  And HUGE thank you to David Yosha and Magnet-Films for the video.

Check out 8/9/20 Indy Star Article about the Bridge

Reporter Amelia Pak-Harvey and photographer/videographer Jenna Watson did a great job of telling the story and getting the facts.  Here’s the article.

And the video

Thank you to Fox 59 and CBS 4 Reporter Melissa Crash for Great Story about POP

Here’s a link to the 7/12/20 story: Fox 59 report.

Also thanks to Tessie and Kimball Lloyd-Jones and Jerry Shepherd for jumping in last minute to help.

Excellent Article about Nowland Avenue Bridge in Historic Bridge Publication

Go to p. 8 to read the article in the Historic Bridge Foundation July, 2020 Bulletin.

Thank You to Crimson Tate and Shine Bright Stitchers

For contributing 100 cloth masks, a $1200 value, that will be given to front line workers at nursing homes as part of POP’s kickoff activities to support Covid-19 related causes while also raising funds for the Nowland Avenue Bridge.

More about Shine Bright Stitchers:

“We’re sewing for good! You purchase a mask for you, we also donate a mask. Win win. It’s that simple. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other. Shine Bright Stitchers is a philanthropic project of Crimson Tate, your local quilt shop on Mass Ave.  We love this big old community and using our super powers for good.  We are pleased to donate to Pathways over Pogues and support their efforts in restoring the Pogues Run bridge and improve the waterway.  We thank you for your work!!”

(Masks will also be available for those who donate winning bids in upcoming events.  Stay tuned.)

Final Tally from POP 6/10, 2020 Virtual kickoff

56 people donated to POP 2020 kickoff
$5200 was raised
Earlier donations bring the total raised up till June 30, 2020 to:  $8315
Of that $8315, $1602.50 will be donated to Covid-19 related causes.  (Not all donors participated in raffle)

That leaves $6,712.50 added to POP coffers.

In 2018, POP and partners raised $140,000.  Evaluation and design cost $80,000.  After expenses that left a surplus of approximately $57,000.  With additional 2020 funds, POP has over $63,000 towards the $524,000 needed for bridge repair

Final Tally for Covid-Related Causes from Raffle Donations

Half of raffle earnings from City Way Animal Clinics – Mass Ave will go to:  SOAR (Street Outreach Animal Response) to help homeless and those in crisis care for their pets:  $100
Half of raffle earnings from Homespun went to:  buy Homespun care package for Community East ICU cleaning staff:  $75
Half of raffle earnings from Centerpoint Brewing will go to: Indy Independent Relief Fund that supports service industry workers such as bartenders, waitresses, cooks, etc. through a food distribution network:  $820
Half of raffle earnings from King Dough Pizza will go to:  buy King Dough Pizzas for local nursing home staff, including Rural Health Care Center at 1747 N. Rural:  $253.75
Half of raffle earnings from Rooster’s Kitchen will go to: Rooster’s Food Insecurity Meal Sponsorship which is providing hundreds of meals weekly to organizations that help those in need (1 meal for every $5 sponsored):  $353.75  

Congratulations to our Raffle Winners

Marianne Eades and Don Wood:  City Way Animal Clinics – Mass Ave
Bert Baker:  Homespun
Christina Schubnell:  Centerpoint Brewing
Christine Burianek:  King Dough
Katie Neill:  Rooster’s Kitchen

Prizes will be delivered in the next few days.

Shoutout to Indiana Landmarks for an excellent article about the POP Campaign

Indy Group Hopes to Restore One of City’s Oldest Bridges

Virtual Campaign Kickoff on Wednesday, June 10, 2020 Was a Hit

Kickoff for next phase of fundraising campaign to repair the Nowland Avenue Bridge is in the history books.

The next phase to raise the estimated $524,000 to do the repair itself – has begun.  By the end of June, 2020, more than $8000 has been donated.

More than 50 people participated in the virtual kickoff, which included:

  • Premiere of 12 Stars Media’s 5-minute video about POP campaign.  View video here:

  • PowerPoint about the history of the campaign as well as current plans to repair it.  View PowerPoint through this link:

PowerPoint Presentation


  • Deputy Mayor Jeff Bennett
  • City Councilman Zach Adamson
  • Cummins executive Alex Miser
  • RQAW design engineer Ken Jansing

Thanks to many generous donors for a silent auction that was cancelled, POP raffled off  a selection of 5  donations from Homespun, King Dough, Rooster’s Kitchen, Centerpoint and City Way Animal Clinics – Mass Ave as part of June 10, 2020 campaign kickoff.

  • Donations of $10 or more entered donors into a raffle drawing held on June 17, 7:30 pm.
  • Due to Covid-19, POP used this opportunity to help those in need as well.  Half of earnings from each raffle was donated to a covid-related cause.

Next Steps

Today, the campaign to raise the $524,000 necessary to repair the historic Nowland Avenue Bridge and help move the Pogue’s Run Trail forward continues through grant writing, corporate and individual giving, and a different way of selling donated silent auction items.

Instead of an in-person silent auction, participants can buy prizes online. (See POP Prizes page for list of available prizes and prices)

The first person who emails and commits to donate a minimum of 2/3 the value of item will be notified that they won.  As soon as donation goes through, prize is theirs.  (See POP Prizes page for list of available prizes and prices)

Help POP reach its $524,000 goal so that the historic Nowland Avenue Bridge can be repaired.  That will also pave the way to complete the the Pogue’s Run Trail.

  • Share on social media
  • Volunteer –  All help welcome and appreciated.  Special need for those who can help with fundraising or grantwriting

Thank you to all who have gotten us to this point!

Virtual Campaign Kickoff Held Wednesday, June 10, 7:30 pm

We couldn’t wait any longer.  The design for the Nowland Avenue Bridge repair was done and project ready to bid as soon as we could raise the estimated $524,000 needed.  So POP hosted a virtual kickoff on June 10, 2020.

Kickoff premiered a fun video about the bridge campaign, speakers, interactive opportunities, and a shot at cool raffle items for minimum of $10 donation.

Raffle Items for June 17 Drawing

For donations of $10 or more participants could choose from the following five raffle items:
1.  Homespun – $60 value
Raffle Item:
Spoon preserves, chocolate bar, notepad, Bob Dylan lyrics print from ’The Times They are a Changin’
Covid Related Cause:   care package(s) from Homespun to Community East ICU frontline workers.


2. Centerpoint – $50 value
Raffle Prize:  $25 gift card, growler, 2X size t-shirt
Covid Related Cause: Indy Independent Relief Fund – supporting  service industry workers such as bartenders, waitresses, cooks, etc. through a food distribution network.

3.  Rooster’s Kitchen – $150 value
Raffle Item:  Food and beer pairing for four to-go.  Appetizer and entree paired with local beer
Covid Related Cause:  Rooster’s Food Insecurity Meal Sponsorship (1 meal for every $5 sponsored).  For more info:



4.  City Way Animal Clinics – Mass Ave Vet – $50+ value
Raffle Item:  $50 gift certificate, Feline Greenies, Kong Squeeze dog toy; Kong cat toy, Royal Canin Treats, celebrate diversity sticker, portable water holder, cup warmer
Covid Related Cause:  SOAR (Street Outreach Animal Response) – helps homeless and those in crisis – care for their animals by providing supplies and vet care, as well as foster care when needed.   For more info:

 5.  King Dough Pizza
Raffle Item:  $50 gift certificate to King Dough
Covid Related Cause:  King Dough pizzas for local nursing home staff, including Rural Health Care Center at 1747 N. Rural



POP Raffled off a Package of 75 Seed Packets to Four Donors on 4/3

Since the 3/24 silent auction for Pathways Over Pogue’s kickoff was postponed, POP needed to find other ways to get donated auction items into people’s hands – especially time-sensitive ones.

First up was a generous and timely donation from Big Green, a national organization with a local office that teaches kids about growing and eating their own food. They donated a canvas bag filled with 75 packets of vegetable and flower seeds, along with an X-Large t-shirt and hat.  Package was worth approximately $100.

Seeds needed to get into the ground, so POP held a ‘virtual’ raffle. Anyone who donated $10 or more on POP website at in the week ending Thursday 4/2 was entered into a raffle drawing.  There were 12 donors, which raised $205 for POP.  Thank you to all who contributed!

Drawing was livestreamed via Zoom on 4/3.   

Because Big Green was so generous in the number of seed packets they contributed, four of the participants got a raffle prize, getting to pick the seeds they wanted and pass on the rest to the next winner. 

Packages were (glove) hand-delivered the next day. 

Seeds packets included: organic corn, beets, collard greens, snap peas, bush beans, popcorn, romaine, sunflowers, borage, blueboy, calendula, nasturtium, zucchini, yellow crookneck squash, and red bell peppers.



With the stay-at-home situation, seeds were a particularly timely item.  Growing our own food was a good way to decrease need for grocery trips.  Seeds were flying off the shelves nationwide due to the corona virus, and becoming harder to find.

(Guidance from Laura Henderson of Big Green on when to plant:
corn, plant outdoors after May 15 – June 15
beets, plant outdoors April 15-June 15 or August 1-Sept. 1
collard greens, Plant outdoors March 15-June 15 or August 1-Sept. 1
snap peas, Plant outdoors March 15-April 15
bush beans, plant outdoors after May 15 – June 15
popcorn, plant outdoors after May 15 – June 15
romaine – plant outdoors March 15-June 15 or August 1-Sept. 1
sunflowers – plant outdoors after May 15 – June 15
borage, blueboy, calendula, nasturtium – plant outdoors after May 15
zucchini – plant outdoors after May 15 – June 15
yellow crookneck squash – plant outdoors after May 15 – June 15
red bell peppers – must be started indoors for seedlings to transplant in IN. Seed indoors March 15-April 15. Transplant 6-8 weeks after.)

POP Postpones March 24 Kickoff Due to the Corona Virus

In 2018, POP and partners raised $140,000, which was more than enough to pay the $80,000 for the design to repair the Nowland Avenue Bridge.  A kickoff was planned as a thank you and celebration of this milestone with the over 200 individuals, businesses and organizations that helped us get to this point.  It was also the launch of POP’s new campaign to raise the funds for the repair itself.

Due to COVID-19, Pathways Over Pogue’s postponed its March 24 in-person kickoff at Centerpoint.  This was not the time for public events. Our hearts went out to all the businesses and individuals who were impacted through loss of income and through the disease itself.  Instead, POP hosted a virtual kickoff on June 10.

Past Fundraisers

Pathways Over Pogue’s family-friendly benefit concert on Sunday 4/29/18 at the Alford House,
2428 E 10th St – with a spectacular lineup of talent

Stacks Image 57


Jeffery Bowen, pianist and singer

Melissa Gallant, harpist

Star Adita, singer

One Voice Chorus
Stacks Image 53

Hot Flash Vocal Trio
Sabina Santana and Diversity Drum Circle
Accordionist Dianna Davis
Pop Lock Dance
Guitarist Daryl Jones

RTV6 story on PoP

PoP members Laurie Klinger and Jim Leich were interviewed for a story about our mission on RTV6 News.

Urban Times Article

urban times article

Article in NUVO

Stacks Image 101
Read it here

Photo by Eston Baumer courtesy of NUVO

FOX 59 News