Mark your calendars:  from noon Sept. 21, 2020 to noon Oct. 16, 2020, POP will be competing for a chance at winning $100,000 through a Gannett grant. We must raise a minimum of $3000 to be eligible.  Nothing before or after those times will count.  And it will NOT be on our normal website.  Instead, during those dates only donate at: https://www.mightycause.com/story/Popindy.

That’s it.  We don’t need to raise any more to be in contention.  Award will be determined based on the merit of the project.

In addition, whoever raises the most money in the competition gets a $25,000 Incentive Grant, and whoever gets the most donors of $5 or above in the first week –  gets a $5000 Bonus Grant.  So if you’ve been thinking about donating – this is a good time to do it!

Before and after those dates – please continue to donate here.  Thank you!

For those who would rather pay by check, you can make the check out to POP’s  501(c)3 fiscal sponsor:

Friends of Brookside and Spades Park
c/o Laurie Klinger
2326 Nowland Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46201

(Donations are eligible to be tax deductible)


POP and Partners raised $140,000 to date.  This was more than enough to design the repair of the historic Nowland Avenue Bridge, which was completed in May 2020.  Special thanks to ROW, Cummins and CICF for their generous help in getting us to this point.

The next phase of the fundraising campaign has begun to pay for the estimated $524,000 to repair the bridge.  Repair can begin as soon as funds are raised.



Donor List



Aimee Adamson
Zach Adamson
Adam Baker
Charlotte Baker
Janet Bass
City Lights
Courtney Baker
Hatti Baker
Milli Baker
Kerry Beidelman
Liam Bonner
Allstar Bowl
Amy McAdams Design
Another Fine Mess
Nancy Bain
Roberta Baker
Heather Bane
Christina Bennett
Best Chocolate in Town
Barb Black
Alissa Bobbitt
Terry Bradbury
Broad Ripple Brewpub
Kelly Brown
Greg Buck
Theresa Bullock
Christine Burianek
Lisa Maria Burkhard
Betsy and Phil Callahan
Allene Campbell
Tosca Carranza
Jared Carter
Cathead Press
Centerpoint Brewing
Central Ace Hardware
Sara Chance
Lindsey Charles
Anna and Dan Chase
Christina’s Jewelry Creations
City Dogs Grocery
City Mama Birth Services
Ryne Click
Scott Conner
Sammi Coppedge and Joel Weyrauch
Georgia Cravey
Doreen Crenshaw
James R. Crouse
Julie Crow
Mikaiyl Davis
Joe Doll
Marie-Claire Deveau
Lisa DeWeese
Kelly DeRolf
Audrea DiLiberto
Mary Dilthey-Griggs
Joshua Dubach
Marianne Eades and Don Wood
Missy Ellis
Englewood Neighborhood
Rachel Ferguson
Taylor Firestine
Freewheelin’ Bikes
Bryan Garrard
Meghan Gemmel
Will Gemmel
Kris Giere
Goose the Market’s Oca Restaurant
Sean Guitar
Jordin Hajek
Sarah Halter

Wendy Melone Hamilton
Mary Hanrahan
John Harris
Wendy Harrison
Nicole Hayes
Mary Heins
Dorothy Henckel

Kat Henrie
Wes Homoya
Andrea Howard

Emilie Hudson-Burch
Indianapolis Hiking Club
Indy Artsy
Indy Reads
Indy Winter Farmers’ Market
Indygo Bus
Jamia Jacobsen
Julie Rhodes Consulting

David Kathan
Debbie Kinne
Rachel Klinger

Jeremy Kosegi
Tiffany Kyser
Dan Lake

Beverly Ann Lang
Carol Lawler

Lick Ice Cream
Jim Lingenfelter
Tessie Lloyd-Jones
Dorothy Mack
James Maher
Gary Martin

Mass Avenue Pub
Mass Avenue Wine Shop
Amy McAdams
Shane McElyea

Kathleen and Ed McKinley
Tara Miller

Jessica Moore
Mary Alice Mulligan
Shirley and Bob Musgrove
Jamila Nassar

Janet Newland
Yvonne Norris

Daniel Overbey
Pat Paff
Gretchen Patch
Brittany Payne
Amy Peterson
Courtney Pfeifer

Phoenix Theatre
Pogue’s Run Grocer
Stephanie Poppe

Will Pritchard
Andrew Rader
Ralston’s Drafthouse
Andrea Ratcliff
Katherine Reynolds

Julie Rhodes
Rosemary Robertson
Janet Rumel
Leslie Schulte
Lucy Scott
Rex Scott
Valerie Scott

Adam Shoemaker
Silver in the City
Debbie Sluss
Aaron Stites
Cheri Storms
Meg Storrow

Dorothy Tackitt
Garry Tackitt
Mark Tasch
Kelly Trimble
Sue Vogt
Julia Watson
Tyler Williams

Kent Wolfgram
Yetta Wolen

Kelly Wood
Austin Zehr



Susan Adams
Verla Adams
Bruce Baird
Laurie Baker
Michael Banck
Tom Battista
Jason Bell

Andrew Brindley, He-Homes
Brookside Neighborhood Association in Memory of Jeannine McDonel
Christopher Brown

Angela Bryan
Carley Custom Builders
CR construction & Renovation LLC
Matt and Amy Chafey
Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center
Circle City Bicyles
Erin Colgan
Sally Cook
Cottage Home Neighborhood Association
Richard and Kathy Courtney
Donald Craft
Bobbi Crooke
Jesse Cross

Bri Dines
Deb and Mike Ehret

Sarah Evans
FS Houses
French Lick Springs Hotel
Kristen Gentry
Ann Gioe
Michael Glenn
Becky Goldstein
John Goss

Portia Graves
Sandy Green
Tim Harmon
Paula Hartzer
John Hay
John Hazlett
Dorothy Henckel
Victor Hill
Mary Horton

Becky Hostetter
Hotel Tango
Austin Howard
Indy Chamber
Indy Grimo
Invoke Yoga
Kevin and Lori Johnson
Lorene Johnson
Sylva Johnson

Tina Jones
Ashlie Keaton
Scott Kirby
Annette and Steve Kline
Michael Klinger
Sherrie and John Knighton
Susan Kobets

Jim Leich

Mike Lively
Kimball Lloyd-Jones
Jennifer Lofton
LeeAnn Luten (Direct Descendant of Daniel B. Luten, Sr.)

Linda Maguire
McNamara Florist
Tammy and Shawn Miller
Alex Miser
MJ Moriarty
Katie Neill

Nestle Inn
Will Overhauser
Bruce Polson

Ratio Architects
Tammy Reddington
Claudia Ritter
Rooster’s Kitchen
Xiomara Ruiz and the Munguia Family

Santarossa Mosaic and Tile
Kylie Schreiber
Rebecca Seifert
Richard Sexson
Joseph Smith
William P. Smith D.B.A.
Denny Sponsel
Springdale Neighborhood Association
Stenz Management
Kathleen Surfus
The Great Frameup
Tick Tock Lounge

Michael Torres
Teachers’ Treasures
The Frame Shop

The Whitney Company
Tim & Julie’s Another Fine Mess
Andrew Verteramo

Amanda Wade
Andy Werner
Ryan Wilson
Windsor Park Neighborhood Association
Roz Wolen
Jenny Wright


$500 – $999

C.C. Brandt Construction
College Park Church
Compendium Group LLC
Cunningham Restaurant Group
Kerry Dinneen

Mary Kate Dugan
John H. Boner Community Center
Scott Keller
Lee Klinger Lesser
Talia and Matt Miles
Milestone Ventures, LLC

Nottingham Realty Group (now know as Plat Collective)
Jerry Shepherd

Teagen Development, Inc.
Woodruff Place Civic League



$1000- $4999

Anonymous (2)
Bowen Engineering Corporation
Citizens Energy Group
In Honor of Dr. James L. Cooper, renowned historic bridge consultant and author
Crimson Tate Modern Quilter (and Shine Bright Stitchers)
Eskenazi Health
Michael Haskett
Lisa and Rick Hurst
Kent and Jennal Johnson
Indiana Landmarks
KanKan Cinema and Brasserie
Laurie Klinger
John & Carol Longfellow

Robert Luten
(In memory of his father Daniel B. Luten,
and his grandfather Daniel B. Luten, Sr., the designer of the Nowland Avenue Bridge)
Thomas Luten – Direct Descendant of Daniel B. Luten, Sr.
Magnet-Films/David Yosha
Lori Miller
The White Elephant Club at the Alford House


$5000 and Above


Cummins Foundation

Greenways Foundation